Tips For Traveling With Jewelry

When you traveling, it’s more likely you use different types of jewelry in your day to day trips.

However, a frequent traveler should know tips for traveling with jewelry to help stay stylish throughout the trip. These tips also keep your jewelry clean and organized while you travel. Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks to consider when you’re traveling with jewelry. The best part of it is that these are easy DIY tips and you don’t have to spend anything.

Use drinking straws: Plastic straws may be the best accessory for keeping your necklaces when traveling. Insert half the necklace into the straw to prevent them from tangling, making one side tangle-free and the other side rigid.

Pill container: Pillboxes or week pill organizer is a perfect organizing tool for storing jewelry. It is secure, stable and inexpensive and offers additional benefit as they expediently allow you to plan what you’re wearing on which day of the week. Also, they protect jewelry from any possible damaged by other stuff in the bag. Pillbox is used for separating earrings, necklaces, and rings on-the-go.

Keep your jewelry in a plastic bags: Another great way to pack and keep your jewelry is to use the plastic sandwich bags. Place every piece in a separate bag, then label the bags with a description label. The plastic bag and label allow you to identify and see your jewelry quickly. However, it is important not to store pearls inside plastic bags for long periods of time.

Washcloth and rubber bands: Have you thought about this great idea that ensures your jewelry rolls without having to buy or sew anything? Simply put your necklaces separately on a washcloth, then roll them lengthwise and folding the cloth into the half, thus adding rubber bands to every end to keep them safe.

Pin your jewelry pieces: If your piece of jewelry has a pin such as an earring or brooch, then pin it through the plastic bag so that it doesn’t move. It helps to prevent the jewelry pieces from rubbing against each other due to movements during travel which can damage and scratch soft gemstones.

Use of socks: Using socks to keep some of the jewelry you are likely to travel with is highly recommended especially for rings. You can put your jewelry in the stockings because it can also be part of the things you are carrying along for the trip.

Cling Wrap: This is an ideal for necklaces as it can help to prevent tangling when the items are laid out on each piece of the “Press N Seal” style then pressing them together while ensuring you give space between them. Be sure you can find the cling wrap easily at the nearest grocery store, but a standard cling wrap also works well if rolled.

In conclusion, we hope that these simple tips help you pack your jewelry with ease. Have fun traveling.