Tips for Preserving Your Jewelry

Jewelry can be an investment for some people, and that is very important for you to know some tips for preserving your jewelry. It keeps the value of the jewelry and keeps the jewelry glowing for a long duration. The following tips will help you care for your jewelry the right way:

Don’t wear jewelry all the time

Avoid putting on the same jewelry every day, unless it’s a wedding or engagement ring. Other than causing the metal to fade away, wearing jewelry all the time also increase the risk of damage. It is good to take off any valuable jewelry when you are doing something with your hands, like bathing, painting or washing dishes.

In addition, you should also be aware of cosmetics. For instance, lipsticks, fragrances, sprays and other beauty products contain chemicals which can harm your jewelry after some duration. But, this doesn’t mean you should not wear your jewelry, just be sure to remove them whenever you are involved in a task that might cause damage to them.

Expert and timely cleaning

You have probably read about this on the internet or heard from other people, that you should use ultrasonic cleaners because they are a DIY jewelry cleaner from the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, don’t depend entirely on these cleaners or even use them regularly because they can potentially stress your jewelry or possibly dislodge stones of the jewelry.

Professional jewelry cleaners help to make cleaning jewelry easy and secure. There are so many expert jewelry cleaners, and you can look around for fair price for cleaning services. However, there are also jewelry shops that offer free cleaning. You need to be specific how you want the jewelry to be cleaned; it can be manual cleaning or ultrasonic as an alternative to cleaning by an expert technique.

Keep your jewelry dry and clean

Keeping your jewelry dry and clean is the best way to preserve and maintain the luster and beauty of silver jewelry. When jewelry is exposed to any form of a cream, body lotion, chemical product, oil or water, no doubt it will accelerate tarnishing. Metals such as brass, bronze or copper oxidize and their color changes while jewelry silver or gold plating damages. Therefore, be sure to keep your jewelry before getting to contact with any cream, perfume or when washing your hands. This is important as it also limits the green traces that some costume jewelry leave on the skin.

Store your jewelry properly

If you love your jewelry, then you must know that leave them without using a silver jewelry pouches causes it to tarnish. Ensure you keep your jewelry inside a box creased with acid-free sheets to protect them, except for pearls. Additionally, you should start keeping your jewelry in one place. Just like it is done with their keys, it is essential to have a specific place where you keep your jewelry to reduce the risk of losing them as well.

Now you know how to clean, store and preserve your jewelry, and this is all you need to wear your most loved accessories even for a decade.