Solution: Silver Ring Metal Allergy

Nothing irritates more than the fact that you have a beautiful ring or jewelry but cannot wear it because it affects your skin. In this article, we want to explore options available for people with silver ring metal allergy as well as other jewelry. It takes years for one to become allergic to silver jewelry because these jewelry takes time to develop tarnish and start to affect the skin. An allergic reaction to silver jewelry is a nickel allergy. It grows in the form of contact dermatitis which begins when a small amount of nickel leaches out of the silver jewelry and gets into contact with skin. Because pure silver cannot be used in jewelry since it’s too soft, metal is therefore added to 98-99% pure silver to help improve the luster and strength of the jewelry.

How to know you are allergic?

Individuals who are allergic to silver jewelry will see contact dermatitis signs. The part of skin around or beneath the jewelry gets inflamed, dry and itchy. When these allergic reactions worsen, they make the skin to look reddish, scaly and flaky. There may also be blisters and rashes break out. On the other hand, in less severe allergic reactions, the skin turned discolored and irritated gently.

Allergic Reactions

Most people are allergic to a particular group of metals used in making the jewelry we wear on a daily basis. When this happens, you will notice a rash or some discoloration of the skin. The skin can turn black or green when it gets in contact with such jewelry.

Nickel is one of the metals which the skin is allergic to. It is usually added to pure gold to make white gold alloys. Other than being essential for making the white gold, Nickel can also cause an allergic reaction.

The Nickel Allergy

Nickel allergies affect between 7-15 percent men and 24-36 percent of women. There are minute amounts of Nickel used in silver jewelry that shed and reaches the skin when the silver surface of the jewelry starts to tarnish. When it mixes with moisture and other chemicals on the skin surface, nickel forms salts that cause allergic reactions.

Plated Metals

It’s vital to always Stick to the pure product when it comes to jewelry. There is silver plated jewelry which causes allergies. When buying, look for stamps on the jewelry indicating, for instance, 95-99% pure silver.

Gold: variety of colors and alloys

Many people make a mistake believing that all gold jewelry is safe when it comes to avoiding jewelry allergies. Nonetheless, some types of gold jewelry composed of other metals which also causes the reaction. For instance, white gold is alloyed with nickel or any other white metals to complement the whitish hue.

Brass: alloy of copper and zinc

Brass is used as the base metal coated with either gold or 92.5% silver. If you are allergic to brass, the skin will turn green after wearing the necklace or any other jewelry; then it is most probably made of some amount of brass as a metal.

Solution: Take your jewelry to an expert and have it checked, cleaned to ensure that it is a good container. The jeweler should ensure all the sharp and damaged edges that could be scrapping the skin are checked.

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