Solution: My Ring Is Stuck And I Can’t Get It Off!

The common cause of stuck ring is wearing a small size ring. Another reason that causes this is arthritis of the joints, which happens as the body changes over time. It causes swelling of the joints or tissue thus preventing the ring from getting off quickly.

You never know when a ring will get stuck on your finger; it could be when trying a ring you shouldn’t or maybe trying a ring belonging to a friend whose fingers are somewhat smaller in size.

Well, come what may, you don’t have to cut your finger off to remove the ring. These tricks will help you in no time. Read on:

Use an elastic band

If your ring is stuck and your finger is already swollen, and it’s proving tough to get off, you might use this hospital trick as a quick solution. First, you would obviously need to use some lubricant such as Windex, and however hard it is, the method should work out well. It’s simple. Just wrap an elastic band tightly around the finger towards the ring and try feeding the band into the ring once you get to it. By the time you begin to unwrap, the band will come out with the ring.
Soap and water

Make a slippery solution to help reduce the friction between the ring and skin. Use something that is safe to use on both skin and the ring. You can use the ordinary soap mixed with cold water. Spread the mixture all around the finger then twist the ring gently to remove.

Use a string

Also known as the string method, you will need a ribbon, dental floss, string.
Slip one end of the string under the ring, then wrap the entire string around the finger up to the knuckle. Be sure to make it tight and bother not about the pain because it’s only for a few minutes.

When you unwind the string from the point, you slipped into the ring, and this should slowly remove the ring.

Use of Oxygen Mask Strap

A stuck ring can be removed using an elastic bank from an oxygen mask. This is the same thing done when using dental floss to remove the stuck ring, so be sure to follow that procedure.

For Stubborn Rings

Apparently, some rings seem stubborn. Try the various methods outlined until you achieve what you want. Follow these steps wisely if the ring still cannot come off. With these, it will come out and set your finger free:

  • Wind a piece of tape under the ring then leave it for about 30 minutes;
  • Then soak your hand in cold water for about 15 minutes and to achieve best results, ensure you keep your hands above the heart level;
  • Finally, take off the tape and softly spray window cleaner on the finger while gently pulling and twisting to remove the ring circularly.

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