Solution: Can I have Two Silver Rings Bonded Together?

Can I have Two Silver Rings Bonded Together

Two silver rings can be bonded together or even cracks in them repaired through the use of diverse materials as well as skills. However superior care and work ethics must be put in place before commencing the process. It doesn’t matter whether you previously have a bonding labor area set up. What count is your skill to read or browse through the section requiring mending before you working on it?

It should be noted that soldering jewelry like silver rings encompasses a clear flame torch together with high temperatures of not exceeding 1700 degrees Fahrenheit or merely 930 degrees Celsius. The materials required to complete this fantastic task include but not limited to a pure silver wire or jump rings, torch, bonding pick, borax flux, and silver bonder (an alloy of silver and copper or zinc). There are also wire cutters, tweezers, pickle ceramic urn and some short span of thin copper wire.

The following is a procedure of bonding two silver rings:

Step 1

Work Area preparation

To acquire the best work area then it is to get a charcoal bonding obstruct or merely any other work surface deemed appropriate for the process. It’s right to note that the soldering of the two silver rings will not be successful as long as too much heat goes astray to the air or work façade. Therefore a specific veneer with less heat transmission should be considered, most preferably a charcoal bonding block since the latter replicates heat to generate the high amount of heat that silver calls for. It’s crystal clear that at times the charcoal blocks may be missing thereby necessitating the use of another alternative item which may be a magnesia bonding block or merely kiln brick. These alternatives have for years proven to work more efficiently and durable than even the said charcoal.

It is also under this step that you are required to procure a silver bonder and the other materials above. Consider using the purchased torch at the expense bonding iron since the latter is designed for use under deficient heat. Identify a brazing flux mainly for cleaning of the silver façade and transmission of heat. This flux as ably assists in the removal of oxides on the silver façade.

Consider using a fan mainly for freshening if the need arises. You may also keep the windows open as well as turning on the fan merely to reduce the amount of smoke you inhale. Make good use of your procured tweezers as well as copper tongs to hold the silver items in position. While conducting all these operations ensure you put on goggle and apron for your safety.

An urn of water is necessary for rinsing of the silver at the last part of the procedure. Ensure the pot of water is buried as much as required to immerse the silver item. Heat an urn of pickle or any other acidic liquor suitable for the silver.

Step 2

The final stage encompasses bonding the silver where silver cleaning is first initiated by providing a reducing solution mainly for oily or weightier handled silver.

You will need to apply the flux just before the joint. Ensure the flux applied to the joints is thoroughly prepared by the instructions on its packaging.

Set up the silver components ready for joining. This is done by laying the two elements close to each other on the bonding brick. This should take your aspiration of how they are to be joined.

The subsequent proceeding is to set up the bonder onto the joint by use of tweezers. As long as the two are melted, the bonder is haggard by heat anywhere the flux was put.

The bonder is required to melt, and this is done by heating the objects. The torch is turned on, and the heat is attuned to its maximum setting. This is strictly followed by sinking the object in water then dunking in a pickle solution allowing it to cool for some time.

The last bit involves rinsing the recently bonded silver with water then pat dry together with a dirt free cloth. The silver remains permanently bonded.

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