Silver Jewelry Outfit Code for A Job Interview

Silver Jewelry Outfit Code for A Job Interview

You’re about to graduate which means; you are getting ready to start your new career and preparing for interviews one after the other.  For female graduates, it is important to practice how you answer questions, at the same time, prepare and train yourself to look professional while also showing a bit of your personality remarkably. The best way to complete your interview outfit code and show your personality is by wearing the right Jewelry, for instance, earring, necklaces, and rings.

What Jewelry should Women Wear for Interviews?

Rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry is to remain conservative, so that means you go for something simple yet not controversial. However, the type of jewelry you wear may also be dependent on your industry and the people around you. For instance, in a nursing job, the nurses are not allowed to wear intricate or big accessories, so it is advisable to stick to hoop earrings or small studs and simple necklaces.

For a creative job, something a little bit elaborate, more colorful, artistic would be best but should not cause any distractions. Keep off accessories with political, tribal, religious themes and also dangling items. Always remember you are only enhancing your look and should have the interviewer focus on just you rather than your jewelry.


The earring jewelry is the closest to the facial area, so when dressing for an interview avoid chandelier and dangling earrings because they might cause detraction and prevent the interviewers from paying attention to what you are saying. The safest choices for an interview occasion are small stud earrings, about 6mm in width and hoop earrings, about 1inch in diameter max. You can look for any other styles which fit within these parameters.

For instance, you can show off your fashion sense as well as personality by going for a tasteful, fashionable style of studs or earrings which feature a stylish, open knot design.


Just like earrings, when it comes to interviews, thinner bracelets work best.  Consider wearing only a single bracelet on each wrist. Wearing more than one bracelet, especially bangles, can make a lot of noise and that will detract your interviewers.

For instance, the Yellow Gold Open Link Bracelet. The design of this oval link bracelet is refined and complements your professional wardrobe. Also, it is unfussy and lightweight, which will help to keep you from diverting attention away from the interviewers.


Although statement necklaces are highly on trend currently, it is commendable to wear modest necklaces when it comes to interviews.  There are dozens of attractive necklaces which complement your fashion sense on a simpler scale.

For instance, yellow and green colors of peridot and quartz stones can delightfully complement each other in cultured and stylish manner. A silver necklace makes a charismatic choice for interviewees who are looking to add color to their interview outfit.

Finding a job is a daunting task because before every interview you have a long list of things to figure out and prepare. To make things work easily, ensure you have all your accessories in one place so that you have less to worry about on the interview day. Be sure to choose jewelry that is non-provocative, simple, and industry-suitable and that which shows a glimpse of your personality.


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