How Silver Bracelets Engraved?

Giving the engraved silver bangle bracelets as a gift is often a way of showing how much we care about someone. We usually use this to symbolize some crucial moments in our life – the birth of a child, marriage anniversary, birthday, or as a simple sign of affection.  However, have you ever wondered how to make this engraved?

Engraving is mostly known as an incision of a particular design to a flat and hard surface by cutting the grooves into it. It prints the images or illustrations and even texts. This method is fundamental in producing personalized gifts for someone, and you want specific letters, words, and pictures engraved.

There are two different ways for engraving silver bracelets: Manual and Mechanical. Manual engraving in silver represents the technique of etching lines, ornaments, characters, etc. into a flat surface by making furrows in it. The use of the method of engraving silver with a clear-cut is dominant. It consists of the use of a thin, metal, perfectly polished tile and specific tool, a peaky needle made of hard steel with a wooden handle known as a burn. Here the master handles by making the changing angles, removes a thin layer of silver and leaves the chosen symbol, carved into the object on which it is to engrave.

On a selected silver object, a monogram, text or a specific date and other ideas are engrave directly on the surface, by using individual drawing pens. The process of gravure implies that the object on which is worked on is firstly well set in the clamp, which will hold it firmly, without the possibility of being damaged. Then a thin layer of creamy paste needs to go over the metal because it aims to highlight the drawing and soften the glittering effect of silver.

Thanks to a variety of tools, the thin lines are drawn, and the silver is being imprinted by a chisel or a needle, under different pressure and angles to obtain the optimum depth of gravure. How much a specific tool is vital to a master, it is equally essential the talent, long-standing practice and artistic feeling of a master, to make the most demanding client’s wishes carried out into the top gravure.  

On the other hand, engraving can be done by special machines. An example is the CNC engraving machine that is used to carve grooves or different characters to a surface. The CNC machine needs to connect to a computer, and in that case, the letter selection is all you have to do; you can engrave anything you want as long as the computer supports it. This engraving system is fast and very efficient. To do a quick CNC engraving, just use a rotating tool and motorized spindle cutter.

Now that you know a little more about this more complicated process engraving, you can decide for yourself what suits you best to do engraving. Better yet, just pay the master to do it for you.

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