The Rules of Wedding Gift Giving

The Rules of Wedding Gift Giving

Lucky you if you just received an invitation to a wedding. It is such an honor to be part of this big day whether it’s your friend, colleague or a family member tying the knot. Other than planning for the best outfit and amount of time you need off work to attend the wedding, it is equally important to decide on the gift you are buying for the bride and groom. Well, in this article, we are looking at the rules of wedding gift giving. To avoid any mistakes or awkwardness on the big day, these are the rules to follow:

Amount to Spend On the Gift

Though there are no tight rules on what you have to spend, consider factors such as your relationship with the couple, if you are coming along with other guests and what value would your presence add to the event and couple in the long run. If you must, ask a couple of questions to be sure you are spending the right amount on the right gift. For a wedding party, you’re most likely already spending lots of money on the party and the dress or tuxedo. A better idea, it would be best to chip in with the bridesmaids and groomsmen and offer one special group gift.

Buy Something Relevant From the Registry

You don’t have to get ahead of yourself and think you know better than the couple does. If you are buying a gift, just buy something listed by the couple in their registry. Most couples want you to select and buy a wedding gift from a specified wedding registry list. In fact, 98 percent have at least a registry list on the web or in a store. If in any case, they have only listed registry items that are not within your price range, then feel free to check out elsewhere. Don’t forget you can give cash; some couples do signal that gifts of money would be welcome.

Buy Your Wedding Gift and Send Within Two Months

Many newlywed couples have polled and indicated that did not receive all the wedding gifts. But why would this happen? The convenience of online stores’ buying and shipping, there should not be any excuse for such a delay. It is to send the gift in time, preferably within two months of the wedding. Even though you might be excited for them to see what you bought, don’t carry it to the wedding because it could easily get damaged. Instead, you should have it shipped straight to their home to make things easier.

Give a Big Group Gift

According to a survey taken by married couples, the most favorite wedding gifts are big-ticket items bought by a group of their friends, and it makes sense. If it is too expensive for individuals to buy on their own, they could team up and buy one big group gift. The couple might register an item in the registry that’s out of range, that one person cannot afford. You can talk to a few other guests and ask them to give you a hand and present it as a group gift. Another great idea is for the bridal party to the group and buys the couple an item of their dreams.

I’m sure you now have an idea of how to shop for a wedding gift like handmade silver jewellery. These are only a few tips to guide you on what to buy, there are more, and you can read about them online.


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