How to Properly Store Your Silver Jewelry?

After buying precious new handmade silver jewelry, what worries you next is where and how to store it best. Improper storage of silver jewelry can make them get tarnished and also get damaged easily. Too much polishing or abrasive polishing can scratch the silver and make it wear out fast. Nevertheless, there is no need of spending too much time and money in storage to protect your most cherished silver jewelry. Here, we look at five easy yet inexpensive tricks to observe when keeping your silver item.

Keep your silver jewelry in a zip lock plastic bagThis is a simple and inexpensive way to prevent your silver jewelry from oxidization. Go to your kitchen and grab a zip lock plastic bag. Use it to store your silver jewelry.

Wrap your silver in a protective silver bag before you store it.

It is to always wrap your silver in a protective silver baggy or inside a soft cloth before storing it. If you just toss your pieces of silver jewels with the rest in a jewelry box can cause the scratches. You can even buy special anti-tarnish cloths or bags in jewelry shops so that you store your silver piece and protect it at the same time. It’s best to store each of your silver jewelry individually because they might get entangle on each other and even other things. Tangled chains can easily get broken, so mind that to prevent tangling.

NEVER store silver in uncoated wood, newspaper or rubber.

These products cause or hasten to tarnish of silver pieces. You will be surprised to know that so many people merely wrap their silver in rubber bands and even newspapers without knowing the effect. If you do this, you will be shocked at how quickly your silver will tarnish.
Watch out for uncoated wood storage, mainly oak, they somewhat tarnish silver more quickly. tarnishing is not all it does, it is usually tiresome to remove, at the same time, too much polishing or abrasive polishing can scratch the silver and make it wear out fast.

Prevent your silver from tarnishing by all means.

Wherever you store your piece of silver jewelry, ensure you stick to it a piece of activated charcoal to help absorb gases that may cause tarnishing. Once again, tarnishing might be sounding so unimportant to you, but it’s so essential for your time as well as your silver jewelry’s safety if avoided in time.

Keep your silver jewelry with silica gel or blackboard chalk.

It is advisable to store your pieces of silver jewelry with either blackboard chalk or silica gel especially those small packs which come in shoes, purses and other items to help absorb moisture. Doing this prevents tarnishing and change of color by making drying the storage atmosphere of your silver jewelry.


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