Triangular-shape handmade bangles in silver, rose and yellow gold finish (B0035)


These handmade silver bangles were made of square profile 18 mm thick silver wire with etched surface that gives them a true handmade feel. The peculiarity is in the shape that is  triangular, but with rounded angles so it’s comfortable to wear. When worn together they make a lovely tingling sound. They are crafted in 95% silver and coated in rose and yellow gold.
We recommend you put them on one by one to avoid deformation of the shape.

***The price is for 3 pieces, please contact us if you would like to but them separately.***

Size: measured on the inside of the bangle
Medium: 67×56 mm
Small: 63×52 mm
Thickness of profile 2.3mm
Weight: 12-14 g per piece, around 38 per set of three

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