Millefiori glass-paste, silver and lapis lazuli necklace (N0071)


This beautiful and unique necklace is composed of 7 handmade millefiori glass-paste beads, separated by handmade silver sphere beads in 3 sizes in the front part, and lapis lazuli tube-shape beads with silver flat sphere beads in between in the back part of the necklace. It closes with a silver handmade hook. The silver spheres go beautifully with the blue hues of differently patterned glass-paste beads.

Millefiori (italian for “thousand flowers”) is an ancient glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware and can be traced back to Ancient Roman, Phoenician and Alexandrian times. It is made with handmade glass canes, each containing an individual pattern of various design and color, from star to round to flower shape (hence the name).