Lapis Lazuli and silver cube beads bracelet (B0031)


This handmade bracelet is composed of beautiful dark blue lapis lazuli beads, combined with small silver sugar-cube shape beads placed randomly along the string in asymmetrical way. It closes with a simple handmade silver hook and added chain allows for a slight size adjustment.

The lapis and silver beads contrast beautifully and has long been a favorite combination of materials in jewelry making. Lapis lazuli stone has been valued in many ancient cultures and is a universal symbol of wisdom, friendship and truth.

Length: 15-19 cm

The bracelet can also be bought as a set with matching earrings and/or necklace, composed of same beads and silver parts. (Please contact us if you wish to buy it as a set so we can make a combined listing for you and you can thus save on shipping costs.)