Handmade geometric silver necklace (N0092B)


This necklace consist of a sterling silver snake-chain, and a handmade silver pendant, created from a 2mm square profile silver wire. Two organic-shape loops are overlapped and connected with a thin silver wire on 3 points, the wire is also soldered to prevent the 2 geometric shapes to come apart. The silver wire used for the pendant is etched on surface to give a more handmade feel and contrasts nicely with the smooth sterling silver necklace chain.

We made a series of 4 different pendants that come with 2 necklace chain lengths (50 or 45 cm) and all 4 pendants vary slightly in shape and size – as shown on the last picture where all variations are shown together. This listing is for one style pendant and comes with a 45cm long necklace chain.