Handmade blackened Silver strip on base ring (R0017)

This unique ring is crafted by Thai artisans in 98% pure Silver, a higher percentage of the usual 92.5% sterling silver.
The shape of the base is made from 1mm thick silver leaf (7 mm wide at the beginning and spreading to 10 mm at the wider end) curved like a peel-off, or wooden shaving.
Before rolling the silver strip into the final shape, a smaller strip of silver was applied and welded onto the base of the ring. The smaller strip is also chiseled and blackened, creating a contrasting element on a smooth ring base.
The ring is simple and modern, suitable for everyday use, for both men and women.

We can make this ring and have it shipped in about 2 weeks after ordering. We usually make sizes 6,7,8 and 9; however, let us know in case you need the size personalized for smaller, bigger or in-between sizes. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO TELL US YOUR SIZE WHEN ORDERING.

Size Guide