Beaded mask or glasses chain/bracelet/necklace in gemstones and silver beads (MS0001)


We made these beaded mask straps in gemstones and silver beads and they really are pieces of jewelry – other than holding your mask or glasses when you do not use them, they can easily become a wraparound bracelet (we calculated the length of average chain circumference 16 cm by 3, so it can wrap 3 times around your wrist; please let us know if you need a different size so we can adjust for you). It could just as easily become a necklace. Hopefully we do not have to wear those masks much longer then these strings will simply be bracelets that turn into necklace or vice-versa. But for now, having a beautiful multi-use mask holder can be a stylish accessory as well. (We can also easily adjust the closing hook to a different type when you do not want to use it as a mask strap any longer).
You can choose the closure to be a stainless steel crab-claw or anti-slip glasses holder clip loops. The chains are made in freshwater pearls or natural gemstones: topaz, lapis lazuli, amethyst and dark red garnet stones are currently available (contact us for more options).
Please do not forget to specify your wrist circumference if it is smaller or bigger than 16 cm so we can adjust the chain length.