2 Simple Ways to Pack Necklaces?

Necklaces are one of the most difficult jewelry types to store and pack because they easily get tangled. To help jewelry owners with such issue, here are some tips on how to pack necklaces:

Use plastic bags for storing necklaces

Using Zip-locked plastic bags is the most lightweight, space saving and convenient way to neatly pack your necklaces: Make sure the necklace clasp is closed. Carefully wrap the necklace in a tissue then put it in a small, zip-locked plastic bag. Gather all these sealed bags and place it in a bigger plastic bag. If your necklace has a thin chain that is easily tangled, put the pendant and part in the small zip-locked plastic bag first by having ending part of the chain hanging out (closed the clasp) then put it in another layer of medium size zip-lock plastic bag before putting it together with other necklaces in a big zip-lock plastic bag.

Another benefit of the zip-locked plastic bag is that it helps prevent silver from getting oxidized (tarnished) so remember to put all your silver necklaces in a zip-locked plastic bag and close it tight to avoid having to polish them often.

Use bubble wraps

On a flat surface, carefully place a wide sheet of bubble wrap and place clasped necklaces on it. Tape your necklaces to the sheet, probably one or two strips would do, to secure each end of the bubble wrap. When you finished doing so to all your necklaces, you can roll the bubble wraps into an empty cylinder.

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