Necklace Length and Style Guide for Face Shape

Knowing the shape of your face

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you are probably aware of the different necklace lengths and styles and the face shapes they blend with. Knowing your face shape can be done in many ways, such as:

  • Be specific and merely measure your face.
  • Trace your face while observing yourself in a mirror.
  • Print your picture then outline your face with a thick marker.

Nonetheless, many people do not have a specific shape, but instead a combination of two, so it becomes difficult finding a category for them. Therefore, all you need is to know your features to enable you to pick the best style and length of a suitable necklace. Here, we look at different face shapes and their respective proper necklace length and styles.

The following are tools used when preparing for the day or while shopping for new jewelry. However, what’s more, important is that you feel beautiful and self-confident and that your style shines.

Diamond and Oval face shape

Diamond and oval face shapes are somewhat longer and wide in shape. People with oval face shapes also have rounded hairline and jaw while diamond face shapes have got a narrow chin and forehead, while the cheekbones make the widest part of the face.

The fact that both oval and diamond face shapes are long already, putting on long necklaces only emphasizes the length. Instead, go for short necklaces that complements the width, for instance; rectangle pendants, broad curves, and collars make the best options.

Square and Triangle face shape

Both of these face shapes are characterized by a subtle, strong jawline. For square face shape, the distance from the forehead, cheekbones as well as jawline is equal, while triangle face shape is quite narrower at the hairline.
Long necklaces help in balancing a strong jaw and adds to the face length. With linear jewelry, the eye is drawn up and down thus creating a more extended look. These face shapes blends well with long necklaces, also eye-catching pendants are a perfect choice, and to complement the look, add long, linear earrings.

Rectangle and Oblong face shape

Like the Oval, oblong and rectangle face shape has more length than width. Rectangle shaped faces have got square hairline, while elongated shaped faces have rounded hairline and a narrower chin.

Short necklaces with a broader curve or circular pendants are a great option, and small earring like studs, jackets or climbers.

Rounded face shape

Round is reasonably straightforward, and people with round faces take this for their advantage to look even more elegant. Every lovely round cheek, round jaw, and hairline means you have got a circular face shape.

Necklaces creating a “V” or “Y” or those with geometric shapes can perfectly balance the curves of a round face. Long necklaces that make “V” shape matches the round face shape quite well.

Heart or Inverted Triangle face Shapes

These are people with nice narrow chin and a face that widens towards the hairline. Heart or inverted triangle face shape needs to balance the narrow chin and the base of the neck with shorter necklaces. Another perfect option for this face shape is collar necklace, or short statement pieces or bold curves.

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