Let Your Rings Speak For You

Let Your Rings Speak For You

Most of the people misuse the symbols and, meanings of putting on the rings. Most of the people put it merely for fashion without acknowledging the fact that every ring finger contains a distinct purpose and symbol. There are as well many customs in regards to jewelry and particular ring wearing. The main reason why finger jewels are put on is to allow you to communicate without uttering a word, they speak for themselves.

Right hand In comparison to Left hand

In most cases, there are no limitations as to where you put on your rings primarily for fashion. However, in the fact of engagements and wedding finger jewels, it is entirely different. For this, there are millions of cultural customs which has to be observed. For instance, most American men may decide to put on their wedding ring especially on the left finger, contrary to another man from another geographical area or church. On the other hand, some religions as well may have restrictions on where to put the rings while others may leave it up to their followers to decide.

Worry no more about the right vs. Left-hand restrictions. As far as imagery is concerned, the right hand is considered as the ‘physical’ hand merely the active hand that ensures a number of your signs. On the other hand, the left hand is considered as the ‘metal’ hand is symbolizing your personality and belief, so that may be the reason as to why most people may opt for this finger. However, it should be known that both hands, both left or right-hand ring depend on individuals and influence by various bodies or churches. It may be surprising to notice that a left-handed man will probably reverse the whole precept.

Pinky finger (the little finger)

For most men wishing to put on a statement ring, they will consider this. Small finger rings have various advantages. They are free from any religion or cultural links comparable to ring finger. Similarly, like the other rings on the fourth finger, these rings do not obstruct the index or pointer finger.

It also distinguishes the ring slightly from the body. It easy merely an eye-popping declaration ring. Pinky rings are some of the flashiest designs of rings that of late pops in the market.

The fourth finger jewel

It is the ring finger, linked to earth’s moon, creativity as well as beauty. The fourth finger is also known as the romantic friendship. The moon’s iron is silver, thus enables silver rings to be seen as typical choices especially for non-wedding jewels worn on the fourth finger.

The middle finger

It is the largest and audacious finger. Rings put on this finger are astoundingly uncommon. The primary symbol for this finger jewel is mainly balanced as well as responsibility, and it is commonly linked to Saturn and famously known as Saturn’s lead metal. Therefore ordinary gray metals such as steel constitute the choices for middle finger jewels.

The index finger

In most cases, the index finger should be kept clear as it is used more often than any other digit with the exemption of the thumb finger. However, it is noticed that a ring on it does not obstruct it comparable to another finger jewel next to it. Some years back, it was evident that the index finger was mostly acknowledged for the man’s brilliant. So, index finger was mainly used for as rank jewels, fraternal jewels or even family as well as membership crests.

The thumb

Most cultures links, thumb jewel to wealth or any other influence in the society. They may appear heavier or broader to express their symbol in the organization. It is also a choice for those individuals who aspire to put on some rings on their hands. It may seem pressed putting on the pinky jewel, wedding ring, together with middle finger jewel. But thumb gem space things out.

How many rings can a man put on at one given time on his hand?

The hidden truth to start with is, you can’t wear more than one ring on the same finger. It all depends on the finger ornaments you are putting on. In most cases, you should be best off merely with a single ring on one hand and nothing else.