How Do I Know Her Ring Size in Secret?

Is it time to buy your loved one a ring such as handmade silver ring? You must have done all the possible research and have identified what you want to buy, but only one thing is still holding you back, the ring size. If you’re going to know her right ring size in secret, don’t fret! There are many tactics to use to know the exact ring size you need to buy. However, you must be aware each tactic has its level of difficulty.

The following is a list of 5 tactics on how to know her ring size in secret:

Find/borrow one of her previous rings

Probably, this is the easiest way you can use to figure out the size of ring that fits her in secret and without her noticing. Find the ring she usually wears and takes it with you temporarily. Often, it is not right to take any of her stuff without asking for her permission, however, for this case, it is for the good of both of you.

What’s more important is to know the finger or hand that puts on the particular ring you are borrowing as the jeweler might need this information to help you get the right size you are looking for.

Sneak it into a conversation

This is not easy and might need some skill. Do you have what it takes to quickly ask about her ring size while conversing without her noticing your intention? Well, if not, that’s the skill you need. Try to be creative when it comes to this point in your conversation. Maybe you would ask her ring size and mention that you have a sister, relative, cousin, or just a friend. Find a way of asking her to give you her ring size so that you have an idea of the size to get for the present.

Sleeping Beauty

While she is blissfully slumbering, without knowing what you’re planning, go ahead and wrap a string or a piece of paper round her ring finger then mark the size just like that. If you give this to a jeweler, it becomes easy for them to help you find the measurement. This is one of the most accurate tactics, but you must ensure she is a deep sleeper.

Ask her friends

Another great way you can use to know her ring size, just make friends with one of her friends and ask her. If her friend doesn’t know the size right away, let her be the one to ask her on your behalf without giving you away. In fact, you can ask the friend sneak your girlfriend’s ring and take the measurement of the ring size.

Compare her finger size to yours

This you can do by just holding and inspecting her hand without bringing up the topic or letting her thinking too much about your actions. Just keep in mind that there is also room for errors for this tactic, but it is the easiest. You can as well secretly try her rings and see if they can fit any of your fingers, then measure your finger and use that to find her the right ring size.

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