Tips to Easily Update Your Jewelry Wardrobe


Just as you clean your wardrobe, it is advisable that you check on your jewelry on regular basis as well. An organized closet (or jewelry box) will not only help you to find pieces of jewelry quickly, but also help in making your dressing easier every morning. 

Here are a few tips on how to easily update your jewelry wardrobe.  

Closet Clean-out

Deciding on what to keep, donate, throw away, fix or sell can be hard. What to do with your outdated jewelry? Ask yourself why you haven’t worn certain pieces and whether you will ever wear it again (however, you can rediscover old pieces and still wear them years after so we always advise against giving up on your jewelry!

Have the Damaged Pieces Fixed


Sometimes all you need is an inexpensive DIY clean-up of a jewelry piece, or a replacement of a torn necklace. You can often find spare parts online or from jewelry or DIY stores. For more complicated pieces, you should contact a jewelry shop, they would often be able to fix what you thought was impossible. Alternatively, you can have pieces made into something else (in case you lost one of your earrings you could maybe have the remaining piece made into a pendant). 



Another great and relatively inexpensive way to “refurbish” your old pieces is to have them plated, for example a rusty old silver necklace can be cleaned and coated with rose gold or rhodium finish. 

You can end up with an entirely new piece of jewelry in such a way (gold plating can be done on most of the metals, such  as silver, nickel, brass, stainless steel and copper. Many people do so to have a silver item look beautiful without having the entire item made of solid gold). 

Keep the Jewelry Neatly Stored to Avoid Tangling


Depending on where you live you might be able to simply hang your necklaces on a wall or inside closet door – not only will this give you more space for other things and other jewelry in your jewelry box, seeing all these necklaces hanging on your wall will enable you to quickly pick the necklace that matches your outfit. 

This is not possible if you live in a humid environment, where all silver needs to be stored in a closed container. We would suggest to invest in a jewelry organizer box, according to your needs.


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