How Rings are Made?

Every ring holds a special memory for the owner. Not only the design speaks loud about the ring, but also its quality and how it was made — all of that makes it much more special in addition to the sentimental value.

Model Making

The first step in creating rings, or any jewelry for that matter, is to create a model. Jewelry models can be made by hand, or by using technology, specifically with computers. Craftsmen are skilled enough to carve designs from scratch, where they would usually use wax or different metal components and put it all together. On the other hand, with the use of computers, designers can fully utilize programs which can help them create even the most complex of designs. Stories of Silver & Silk usually creates the prototype with paper, metal or silver and experiment with shapes and texture along the way. Many times we end up adjusting the design during the process of making.

Molding and Casting

After creating a model, a mold will have to be made. A mold is something that helps you duplicate the model you just created. The pressured hot wax will be injected into the mold and will then be baked for several hours. Once it cools down and is baked, the wax gets melted already and the ring’s cavity is emptied, ready for the next step of the process. Stories of Silver & Silk rarely uses the molding and casting techniques since we prefer the uniqueness of the handmade product.

The Making

Depending on the components of the sterling silver ring set, it can be welded, soldered, or cut by laser. In case there are stones involved in the design, the rings will be polished in preparation for the stone setting. The stone will be measured and inspected according to different specifications so it can go well as an accent to the ring, with the help of special drills. The stones will be set into its place, secured by some metal.

Polishing and Finishing

Different sizes and shapes of brushes and buffs will be put to use to polish the final product, both the external side and the insides.
Along with the purpose, memories, and sentimental value of every ring, there is also the rigorous and complicated process that makes the final product even more unique.

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