How to Fix Earring Holes That Stretched?

Women love fashions, and dangling earrings are very fashionable. It is no wonder that many women use fabulous heavy earrings. However, these types of ornaments put so much pressure on the ears to carry. Thus, it stretched or even torn up the earring holes.

When women wear dangling and heavy earrings and hoops, there is a high tendency for the earring holes to stretch or even cut to the end because of the strain on the areas that pull down the tissue of the earlobe and also tear the gap up to the last bottom part of the ear. Unfortunately, as we grow old, our earlobes become less robust and lose a volume of support that makes our earring holes more susceptible to stretch and tear.

Having a stretched earring hole is not pleasing to women because the holes become apparent while wearing earrings. The challenge lies in fixing and repairing the elongated and torn earrings holes. Sad to say, there is nothing available to do to restore it but to have it surgically excised.

Surgical repair of the earring holes is a procedure performed by a certified doctor. Be sure to visit a certified dermatologic surgeon who has previously done the same type of repair.  In this case, a professional fix anything from sag to a torn earring holes. Some people consider having a filler injected to the earlobes to restore the support and minimize stretching. The problem in getting filler is that it is temporary and most of the time it needs reinjection after 6 to 12 months.

For progressively stretched earlobes, just a primary layered closure can repair the highly stretched piercing hole and restore the earlobes. At starting the procedure, the area will be injected by anesthesia to make it numb and painless. Then, an excision of the edges of the inner region, and at the close is an incision with a few stitches. Afterward, re-piercing can be done 6 weeks after healing.

To avoid stretched and torn earring hole, do not wear earrings in going to bed because if you do, there is a higher chance of pulling the earring holes if the cloth of the bed cover, bed sheets, and pillow cases get stuck into the earrings. Also, consider wearing stick with studs. It will give a lesser chance of earring holes stretches.

Finally, refrain from wearing extensive, lengthy, dangling and heavy earring materials because not only it can make the earring holes big and elongated but also torn your earring holes. Most earrings from Stories of Silver & Silk are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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