What is Fine Fashion Jewelry?

What’s the main difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry? It’s all about materials used to make them. Fine jewelry is a product of precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver then decorated with pearls, diamonds, and some high-quality gemstones. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is not made using precious metals, natural pearls or gems, or diamonds.

If you visit any high-end jewelry trade show today, you’ll learn a lot more about fine jewelry and that the definitions you read are not a close match to what it should be. Jewelry designers and manufacturers mix nontraditional materials like leather, cords, exotic hardwoods and unique gemstones, with the classic excellent jewelry materials.

Redefining Fine Fashion Jewelry

While the price of gold rises systematically as years go by, the makers of jewelry have brainstormed and given a second thought about their product offerings. During this time, they happened to learn something; that the lines between “fashion” jewelry and “fine” jewelry are blurred. During the earlier times. Designers never thought of working in anything, but gold has clenched to 98-99% pure silver, while the rest have turned to alternative metals like tungsten, titanium and stainless steel so they can meet their targets.

Consume Jewelry

Adornments for the body products treasured metals and precious stones are known as jewelry, and when the jewelry is not a product of precious metal or gemstone, it is called costume jewelry. They are less expensive thus providing an inexpensive way to add glamour and twinkle to fashion since it is made of cheap but precious materials like glass, plastic, instead of diamonds and emeralds, plain steel, brass, or copper, instead of gold and silver. Even though costume jewelry has been around for many years, it’s popularity heightened in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Difference Between Fine and Costume Jewelry

If constructed well, it can be hard to tell the difference between costume jewelry and fine jewelry. The visual aspect of precious metal and gemstones can be seen on the surface of the jewelry in the form of dipping, plating, filling, and rolling in gold, silver as well as other, other materials.

Nevertheless, when you examine these pieces closely, coatings on precious metals can be scratched off easily, revealing nickel, copper, or any other alloys. Also, there are also pieces of costume jewelry referred to as silver or gold, meaning the coatings of these parts can be equated to gold or silver paint or any other inexpensive option.

What makes fine jewelry different from costume jewelry, is the quality of metal used in the jewelry and the genuineness of the set of stones used in these pieces. Also, fine jewelry lasts for years and generations. It can be used as an investment or a material worth collecting and passing on down to younger family members.

Fine jewelry is made of 98-99% pure silver, gold or platinum. Whether yellow or white gold, it must be at the least be ten karats.

At this point, you at least have an idea of what fine fashion jewelry is and how different it is from related jewelry. When you go shopping, don’t make a mistake.


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