Why Does My Earring Hole Hurt

Most women love wearing earrings such as sterling silver stud earrings set because of its added beauty. However, no matter how hoops affect our look, they can have an enormous impact on our health as well. Earring holes require particular attention and maintenance of proper hygiene.

Most of the time, someone with pierced ears will experience sore, irritation and discomfort. Infection is the main reason, but there could be other reasons like non-infectious reactions caused by jewelry. If you are wondering why does your earring hole hurt, it can be because of some ideas.

First, an initial soreness caused by piercing.

It results from a puncture wound because of the use of a spring-loaded piercing gun which can be more painful compared with a needle. However, a pain associated with the first time of piercing decreases from the early few days until it heals.

Second, the earring hole hurt because of infection.

The state of being infected is a broad medical issue. In a recent ear piercing, an infection can occur from the equipment used like an unsterile needle. Infections widely happen with piercing the ear cartilage than the earlobe and infections may occur because there is no proper care given to the piercing area say, having a dirty hand while doing the piercing or touching the site and not following the appropriate cleaning etiquette. On the other hand, it may be because of contaminating the new piercing site to the bacteria from the skin.

Infection usually occurs when the piercing continues to undergo redness and pain and swelling around the piercing site. An appearance of a thick, yellowish, and greenish opaque liquid is visible with a foul odor. Because of illness, this might cause chilling and fever. If you are experiencing this, seek medical assistance.

Third, your earring hole hurts if you have just pierced your ears, and the holes have only healed.

Your body may still react to the new wound by producing additional skin cells. In that case, do not remove your earrings until the expert allows you to do it.

Fourth, another reason is a natural reaction.

It happens because you may have an allergy to some metal like gold, platinum, silver. That is why experts recommend surgical steel when it comes to jewelry. Also, if you wear earrings that you never removed, or are older, and the holes are slowly starting to expand, you probably need to rest your ears a little. You should take off your earring and let your ear to “breathe” for some time. You surely don’t want it to get infected. So putting sterile ornaments can ensure that the hole does not close. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and let it heal. You should also clean the earrings as soon as you take them off. You can use soap or detergent and a metal cleaning soft patch.

Fifth, there are other spontaneous reasons for it.

Like getting the skin damaged when attaching the earrings or you may be pulled them by accident while sleeping. It is therefore highly recommendable to avoid sleeping with earrings.

The most common cause of pain is new piercing and the type of earrings you wear. Pay particular attention to these issues.

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