Daily Care Tips for Silver Rings

Have you heard of any better sparkling ring than a silver ring? Indeed, there is not! When it comes to jewelry that’s durable, versatile, beautiful and perfect for everyday wear. Like everything you love, your silver ring, as well as other silver pieces, needs to be kept clean, and radiant as new. In this article we look at amazing tips for caring and maintaining your precious silver, so they remain sparkling and shining for many years ahead. Caring for an silver ring and keeping it beautiful years can be easy if you follow the tips outlined here.

Daily care for your silver ring should be a habit.

Always ensure you remove the ring before getting into household chores that may expose you to alcohol, ammonia, bleach turpentine or fingernail polish removers containing acetone. These substances can alter the metal alloys, hence leaving your silver ring dull or eroding the surface of the gemstones.

Make caring for your silver ring a daily habit. It should be the last thing you wear in the morning after you do all your makeup to avoid rubbing it with the makeup, lotions or any other personal care products. Also, your silver ring should be one of the first things to take off when you return home in the evening to prevent them from getting snagged on clothing while undressing.

Always clean keep your silver rings clean.

When the tarnish is still, or dirt is minimal, it is easier to remove than when it becomes too much. Allowing your silver ring or jewelry to grow dark with tarnish it could damage the metal alloy in your silverware. Don’t forget, the longer you take to clean, the harder it becomes to restore the silver piece to its original brilliance. It’s best to keep your silverware clean by polishing it periodically as well as keeping it in an airtight bag, to keep down the tarnishing rate.

Always keep the essential silver cleaning equipment.

Invest your time and effort in keeping your silver ring clean. Have some special silver polishing cloth or soft cotton cloth, as these two are great for light cleaning of the silver jewelry and does not scratch surface. You can also get an old toothbrush to help you with deep cleaning of the pieces – a baby’s toothbrush or soft, bristly one will be ideal.

Store your silver rings properly.

Be sure to clean your jewelry before storing it. Every piece comes along with instructions on how to properly store the jewelry and that you must follow. Do not store sterling silver jewelry on wood surfaces because the woods contain acids which might mar the finish of your silver rings. Also, do not put the silver jewelry on paper or in a cardboard box since they include the compound that produces sulfur and might speed up the rate of oxidation.
Seek jewelry professional cleaning help.

If there are persistent spots of dirt that you cannot remove, take it to an expert jeweler, so it is cleaned by high-pressure steam. You might also consider getting professional help to help with the maintenance issues, for instance, loose stones.

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