How to Choose Silver Necklace for Strapless Dress

A strapless dress is a sexy, bold, and quite delicate to pull off. However, if you have the right pieces to display the suit, in a way it’s meant to, you should not worry about anything. If you are here, you probably have found a perfect dress; a beautiful, strapless number that matches your style and figure and that which makes you feel gorgeous than a bit glamorous. However, many do not have a personal stylist who can help when it comes to adding the extra touch to make your strapless dress look exceptional and spectacular. You may be stranded on what silver necklace or jewelry to wear. Anyway, worry not. The following are useful guidelines to help you accessorize your dazzling dress with just the best jewelry pieces.

Consider the pattern and embellishment

The type of jewelry you choose depends on the style of the dress you are wearing. Statement pieces like a black pearl necklace or big bold cuff shine quite well when matched with a simple strapless dress of a solid color. For patterned dresses or those that feature other embellishments, you may consider more wearing more subtle jewelry. Delicate chain necklaces or a pair of bracelets or stud earrings may make the best accent.

Be dramatic

Every strapless dress is about drama. The good idea is to pick jewelry that doesn’t contend with that drama; instead, it augments it. Go for a statement piece that outlines the focal point such as a jeweled necklace, a gold bracelet, or elaborate chandelier earrings as these are a nearly fail-safe way to go. For accessories, you should consider what blends well with the dress’s neckline. A bib-style or collar-style collar frames the face without interfering with the neckline. On the other hand, pendant necklaces or more extended chains that fall almost to the waistline or hit the mid-chest also look fabulous.

Modern and old-fashioned

When choosing jewelry that matches your strapless dress, you can make a style statement correctly. If you want a modern look in today’s trend, choose one piece as the focal point, or you can choose to play down an embellishment for a streamlined style. You will have a more retro look if you prefer a “set” of matching jewelry, for instance, a matching necklace and earrings or bracelet and necklace.

The hairstyle matters

The hair is another item to consider to look great in combination with your strapless dress and jewelry. For short hair or up-dos, a dramatic dangling earring is an excellent choice to hit the shows. For long hair, the studs always tend to hide from view most of the time, that’s why you may want to display on a sensational necklace or use a bracelet instead.

Any special occasion warranting a beautiful strapless dress is worth some spectacular and attractive jewelry. Whether you opt for subtle sophistication or over-the-top glam following these basic guidelines will help in choosing a perfect piece thus ensuring you make the right investment.

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