How To Choose The Right Silver Ring to Suit Your Hand?

Different silver rings look perfect on different finger types. Everyone can find the most flattering ring for his or her unique finger shape and size, whether it’s long, short, wide or slender.

Choosing an a silver ring that matches your finger is like picking out a dress that suits your figure. There are different dresses which fit you perfectly while other styles you cannot even spend your money on, regardless of how beautiful it is. In this article, we look at different silver rings and the types of fingers they match.

How to find a perfect ring

Consider the following to find a ring that looks perfect on your finger:

  • Your finger length and width
  • The overall size of your hand
  • Main stone shape and size
  • Ring width and style

Remember that your nails also play a significant role, especially if they are long, trimmed short or regularly manicured. Also, a vital part of the equation is long nails which creates an illusion of more extended fingers.

Long fingers

Most styles of rings work well on long, thin fingers but if you are looking for some extra touch of elegance, remember princess cut and round stones helps in flattering the fingers while a wider band complements on the length of the finger. If you find a ring that suits you and you’ve got long fingers, it can pull off bold styles perfectly well.

Slender fingers

If you want to ward off overpowering slender fingers, go for styles that make your fingers to look wider. Thicker bands and Smaller stones create the illusion of wider fingers.

Wide fingers

With the right ring, large fingers usually appear more slender. Therefore, having wide fingers enables you to enjoy more room having fun with a wide range of styles.
If you go for Wide marquise, oval, rectangular or emerald shape, then your fingers will appear slimmer. It’s therefore advisable to avoid small stones since they make broad fingers to look wider. On the other hand, round stones in cluster styles or larger settings flatter wider fingers. Asymmetrical designs and angular shapes minimize the width of the finger.

Small hands

People with smaller hands should Keep the overall proportion of the ring size small. Some of the best options for these individuals include small round, princess cut, oval, or heart-shaped stones work exceptionally well.

Big knuckles

Individuals with bigger knuckles tend to draw attention away from them. Using thicker and heavier bands draws attention to the ring rather than in the middle of your finger (Knuckles). When you have identified the ring style according to your fingers, syndicate the results with your hand size for ultimate perfection.

Hopefully, at this point, you have a better idea of the type of ring that matches your style, interest, and taste. What you need to do is merely know yourself, make a choice suits your finger and hand but ultimately, let the decision come from inside you and get what you like.

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