Can You Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together? Well, yes. We are living in a time when fashion and style have no limits such that blending gold and silver has become a norm, and developed into a trend.

If you must mix jewelry, ensure it compliments your outfit: When you add accessories to your clothing with mixed metal jewelry such as gold and silver, it’s important to think about the most appropriate jewelry type that blends well with both occasion as well as your outfit. Although, an extraordinary evening will look even more refined and stylish, once you decide on what you want to wear, pick out a piece of your gold and silver necklaces together and see how it looks on you.

What metals are you mixing: Mixing of silver and gold accessories to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. It’s not a rule or fashion requirement to be strict on your other accessories like shoes or handbags. Also, you don’t have to stress yourself about whether it is matching your handbag’s zip or the buckle on the shoes. For example, take the wedding band factor out of your equation so that this is not a decision you have to make any longer.

Give your metal mixing a twist: Add one more color to your outfit to complements the gold and silver metallic shades. For instance, add a rose gold bar necklace to a combination bright yellow gold and silver or add colored charm as this will allows you to mix metals while having fun and enhance the outfit.

Layer pieces of different colors: Put necklaces on top of each other, begin with the longest piece while working your way up to the shortest one. Is overlapping okay? It would be better if you let them fall or overlap naturally. Include a few gold bangles in your silver jewelry collection and mix them up with your rings. This is a new trend and you can continuously work out new design ideas.