Can I Wear Silver Jewelry If I Am Allergic to Nickel?

Allergy to nickel develops at any age, whether 10 or 60 years of age, you can become allergic to nickel. It forms when there is persistent exposure to any substance that has nickel in it, and once you become allergic, you’ll be a sensitive nickel at any given time.

Why is nickel used to make jewelry?

Nickel is used in jewelry just because it helps to decrease the costs of production. The jewelry manufacturers utilize inexpensive metal alloys such as nickel to lower the production budget and save the cost. In fact, silver that is nickel-free is usually more expensive than those that contain nickel.

How do you know your jewelry is nickel-free?

Check out for the nickel-free badge: When jewelry is genuine and nickel-free, that jewelry is often marked with a nickel-free badge. This is one of the easiest ways to go about buying any jewelry.

Check out for palladium: Palladium is silvery white just like platinum, but it is less costly. Palladium is used as a nickel replacement in the white gold as it helps to make the accessory-less likely to cause metal allergy. Also, it is a good selection especially when you cannot afford to purchase platinum jewelry.

Look out for higher gold karat: When buying your jewelry, be on the look for pieces which are higher than 14k, if it is lower, it is likely to have nickel content as well as other allergic alloys. In fact, some jewelers offer nickel-free jewelry that is 18k and above to ensure every jewelry buyer is safe.

Go for platinum: The platinum is a metal that’s naturally hypoallergenic. Its silvery white shiny color can easily be recognized, and it is an excellent choice to buy for jewelry, even though its price is a little more costly than the 18k white gold.

One of the best ways to go about preventing nickel allergy from developing is by putting on rings or jewelry that are nickel-free. Avoiding jewelry with nickel content helps to prevent nickel allergy from developing, and it is pretty easy to tell as there is a rising consciousness when it comes to nickel harm.

The moment you develop an allergy, your body becomes sensitive to nickel henceforth. The best way out is to prevent the allergy and the effects by going for nickel-free jewelry. Even though it might be more expensive, it’s worth it, than going for cheap jewelry that causes you problems.