5 Tips To Getting The Jewelry Gift You Really Want

Whether, it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a day you want to show her some love, always look for a number of options, from which you can pick out the best. Ladies have different tastes of fashion and style, and they also like different types of jewelry. In case you really want to get into her heart, following are 5 tips to getting the jewelry gift you really want.

Know her existing jewelry: If you are looking for a jewelry gift, be attentive to what the recipient likes or wears. At least, that will help you have a rough idea of what to get. What she wears and how they look? It has a lot to do with the gift you will buy for them. Ask yourself these questions before buying a jewelry gift: what size does she/he wear? Does she/he like simple style, flashy ones, or sparkling? What about classic or trendy pieces? Loves silvery-colored metals or gold?

Don’t change style: If you want to buy earrings just because you think they will look pretty on her, you are wrong. Knowing your partner and what she likes is essential. If she hates big earrings, buying her the most beautiful pair of big earrings on her birthday or Valentines cannot convince her to wear. In fact, it might only end in a disappointment for the two of you.

Keep the romantic value: Other than style, go for jewelry that has personal meanings. For instance, a birthstone represents the month of birth, while heart-shaped items or initial necklaces are suitable for adding personalized memory. What you get as a jewelry gift should have a meaning in real life, and it should as well have romantic value.

No Rings: Why would you go for a ring if you are not engaged or married? Don’t buy rings unless you’re planning to propose or you are already married. In many cultures around the world, a man gives a ring to a woman when proposing to her and that eventually turns to the wedding. In other words, unless you are getting married or planning to propose, don’t think about giving your girlfriend a gift ring. Instead, you should buy her a gorgeous bracelet, lovely earrings or merely a good-looking necklace instead.

Know her favorites: It’s important to know the kind of metals she likes. Check out her jewelry box and see her collection. Why Platinum? It is durable and resistant to tarnish. Platinum is also naturally a white luster and hypoallergenic. Gold is resistant to rust corrosion and tarnish, and it comes in yellow, black, rose and black. Also, there is silver which is not only durable but more cost-effective than platinum and gold.

Getting a jewelry gift for your loved one should not be stressful. In fact, it should be fun, and a way for you to look at your partner’s specific style. By seeing her tastes as well as preferences, you can find a jewelry gift that perfectly suits her style.