4 Reasons to Start Buying Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been linked to being too expensive for many years. On the other hand, some people think silver jewelry is not a good quality compare to pure gold. In this article, we are looking at some reasons why you should start buying silver jewelry to dispel all those myths about the silver.

However, there are many reasons why silver is linked to luxury or associated with being wealthy. The pure silver contains 98-99% percent silver like the ones from Stories of Silver Silk, and other metal alloys mostly copper takes only 7.5 percent, thus creating the belief of luxury whenever silver is mentioned. But, for what reasons would you start to buy silver jewelry? Read on:


If you take care of your silver jewelry correctly, it can last a lifetime. Silver experts say silver pieces can look as clean as new even after having it for forty years. It is true the 98-99% pure silver doesn’t come cheap, but the cost is worth its quality as well as lifetime. In fact, there are well-crafted pieces that are likely to become family heirlooms in the coming days. Other than being lifetime jewelry, pure silver remains a smart purchase for its beauty and style.

Variety of options

Silver is soft metal, and that makes it easy for jewelers to re-mold it continually into new designs from time to time, thus it offers a wide range design choices of silver jewelry. The variety of designs and styles in pure silver imply that you can easily find a piece or more fitting your style and taste. No matter what you are looking for such as a bracelet, locket, pendant or ring; there is a variety of options to choose from. Ensure there is always a new silver jewelry piece in your collection.

Silver makes it easy to keep up with what’s trending

It is normal to keep up with the latest fashion and jewelry news and trends knowing that the fashion jewelry trends can be dizzying. Remember that silver can be molded into a variety of jewelry, it allows you to keep up with what’s trending in the market. Fortunately, the popularity of pure silver shows that it is nearly a guaranteed gemstone. The new styles in jewelry fashion will always comprise of pure silver, no matter how the designs change. To look stylish and still at your best, you should keep a few pieces of silver on hand in your jewelry spin.

Silver is easy to maintain

Some people have avoided silver regardless of how beautiful it is just because of it easy to get tarnished. It’s normal to be disappointed when your favorite piece abruptly turns dirty or discolored when you keep it in a jewelry box for a long time.
Though all the silver tarnishes over time but wearing your silver jewelry will help prevent the tarnish. Oils on the skin help to ‘clean’ the metal. If your silver jewelry gets dull, you can have it cleaned by professionals or use the easy ways to restore it to its original looks. Silver jewelry can be cleaned with varnish using a fresh cloth, and it gets the silver sparkling like new.