What is Costume Jewelry?

What is Costume Jewelry

Current costume jewelry comprises a wide range of resources. From high-end crystals to cubic zirconia to simulated diamonds, and some semi-precious stones are used to imitate precious stones. The metals consist of gold or silver-plated brass and at times sterling silver or vermeil.

Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry

Costume and fashion jewelry are same but different regarding time periods. These two share similarities in purpose and construction, there are also subtle differences between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry. Several consumers use these terms interchangeably whereas a selected group of jewelers, as well as fashion designers, can differentiate these two groups.

Costume and fashion jewelry both offer the consumers one significant benefit which is affordable accessories. They mimic the look of more exceptional pieces as they use less expensive materials. However, exquisite jewelry can be a little pricey since it uses valuable metals and gems that are highly prized. Fashion and costume jewelry substitute these materials with fake gems and plated metals.

How to care for your costume jewelry

The designs of costume jewelry have remained a favorite choice for decades and centuries for both men and women of all societies. Modern fashion jewelry is similarly trying to reach the same heights of fame. It is usually made to outfit the seasonal fashion colors, which is affordable and much is unsigned.

Fashion jewelry takes a wide range of cheap and jolly plastic designs to the handcrafted necklaces and earrings all made to last. If you want your favorite costume necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, brooches, and pins to last, just look after them and handle them with care to help you enjoy them even more and for longer.

The following is a list of ways to care for costume jewelry and make it last for long:

1. Do not mix your costume jewelry with water. Merely avoid placing the costume jewelry in moist areas such as bathrooms, in any pool of water, in a wet pile after showering or swimming.
2. Keep the costume jewelry like earrings on earring holders, necklace on their respective stands, watch and bracelet displays to help prevent messy tangles which may harm the jewelry. Display stands are vital since they help in showing off the jewelry you own, so you enjoy it even more.
3. Use a roll or the jewelry organizer when you are traveling or carrying your jewelry around with you because it is soft and helps to protect all your treasures from any horrid knocks.
4. As it is with caring for pearl jewelry, fashion does not go well with the acid from hairsprays or alcohol in perfumes, so be sure to wear yours only after spraying the hairspray or perfumes.
5. Most of the costume jewelry components can be affected by the sun, for example, bone beads, wooden beads, etc., they should be kept away from the sun.
6. Do not let the costume fashion jewelry to come into any contact with soap, moisturizers, or face creams. If they accidentally mix, ensure you rinse clean and pat dry. Ensure they are thoroughly dry before you put it away.
7. Gently clean the jewelry using cotton buds or merely a soft toothbrush with distilled water. Ensure it is adequately dried so that you look after the metal settings.


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