Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Sometimes shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift can seem time-consuming, but jewelry is always the answer to a romantic gift of love. From new beginnings to endless love, you’ll get inspiration and find the right jewelry gift from our 2018 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift ideas.

1.Think about what brings you two together

Think about what brings you two together. It could be a place, an event, or a specific thing you remember. It doesn’t have to be 100% correct, but it should be in detail to remind her the moment of the joy and meet up. So it makes sense to consider a symbolic sign jewelry gift for her on Valentine’s Day. Choose a piece of jewelry that matches the first dates, the name of the city you two met or anything that remarkable.

2.Find something personalized

A personalized or customized jewelry gift is the best option to win her heart. It depends on how long you two been together and how well you know her preference. There are many types of jewelry can help you find just the right piece of personalized jewelry to match her individual style and personality. From sparkling gold and silver necklaces and bracelets to breathtaking gem and birthstone rings, you’re sure to find the most amazing gift ideas for her.

3.Show her you pay attention to the details

You don’t have to get Valentine’s Day-themed jewelry piece to tell your loved one just how much she means to you. Many well-designed and crafted jewelry can also hold the deep meaning of your love story to her. Take, for example, buying a handmade Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Set. They are made from 1mm thick square profile silver wire, while the back posts and ear nuts are solid sterling silver. They look great if worn in two holes in one ear for asymmetrical mismatch look.

4.Create a moment, set the mood

This is a special day and you want to make your loved one feel special on Valentine’s Day too. Create a moment and set the mood. The colors always connect to the mood. Valentine’s Day usually connects to the color red. However, there is no reason to not go for other colors. Take an example, a silver color is a good option since much silver jewelry available on the market designed for Valentine’s Day. Take a look at the Silver Bangle. It is handmade from half-round silver wire profile. The wire that we used is 3.5 mm thick, full profile, and 4mm wide and is etched on the outer surface with the so-called “cat-fur scratch” technique. The Silver Bangle also comes with the “male” version. What a moment that you two wear the Silver Bangles during the special day.

5.The unwrapping of the gift should be thought out

You have heard the old adage that good things come in small packages, right? Do you like to give little surprises to her on unwrapping of the jewelry gift? For example, the Fabric Gift Box comes with textiles. It makes gorgeous (and easy and inexpensive) packaging for favors. Simply wrap each item and finish with ribbon, yarn, or a rubber-stamped tag. Then, sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of having made yet another perfect match! The Fabric Gift Box can pack any jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings etc.

6.Follow your instinct, and have fun

If you already got so many suggestions around, use your instinct instead. Think about the time you two been together. The great days you two spend together like read each other a story on a lazy warm afternoon. Take your instinct and choose a jewelry gift. This is could be fun hand over the gift in a heart-covered gift bag, or you can get creative with the presentation.

What to Consider When Buying Jewelry Gift

  • Don’t over budget. The love is priceless. You don’t have to buy an over-budget jewelry gift in order to make your loved one swoon. Set a realistic budget for jewelry shopping.
  • Don’t feel relegated to just buying diamonds. Valentine’s Day, is customarily associated with the red color, is also a great fit for rubies or pink alternative jewelry. Fancy colored jewelry gifts work here too!
  • Consider the personality when choosing. Is she trendy? Chokers are might be a good option. If she’s more eclectic, think about a unique cuff bracelet. Is her style more retro? What about a vintage style pendant?
  • How long you been in the relationship also matters. If it’s your first Valentine’s Day, consider something simple, but still romantic, such as earrings. The longer you have been together, the more elaborate your jewelry gift can be.

Starting your shopping now will give you the time to choose a thoughtful jewelry gift that perfectly expresses your Valentine’s Day feelings.


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