Silver Jewelry Basics Every Woman Should Own

Every woman has a jewelry collection which cannot be complete without specific pieces. They love fun and trends just like any other fashion girl; however, at the end of the day, there are only a few select styles that will stand the test of time. An excellent jewelry collection lasts a lifetime, in fact, you can have and pass them down to your younger, and it will still look awesome on them. Elegant handmade silver jewelry lasts longer than even clothes in your closet.

In this piece, we look at some of the silver jewelry basics every woman should own. With the following pieces of jewelry, no woman can go wrong:

Drop Earring

The role of drop earrings in your collection is to frame your face and create a lustrous first impression every time. This is why having a beautiful pair of drop earrings is essential and should never be ignored when building your jewelry collection. There are other fabulous stud earrings, but drop earrings reveal something in a woman that not just any studs can do, that’s versatility.

Classic Ear Studs

Most diamond jewelry never goes out of fashion and style. A pair of diamond ear studs goes not out of style. You can use them when you have a night out, job interviews or merely want to look professional. At one time, round diamond studs were the go-to classic jewelry, but not again. The oval and square cut are not just being a trend, but are now recognized as a modern-day classic.

Cuff Bracelets

If you are having a casual night with your friends with t-shirt and jeans outfits, step up your look by adding a simple outfit with a cuff bracelets. The cuff is paired with a pile of bangles for a dressed up look as well. Nevertheless, regardless of your style, having a cuff bracelet in your collection is essential. But remember, it can also break your look since wearing it daily can take a toll on this statement piece.

Classic Watch

It is critical to know the value of what’s classics. Things such as the tailored blazer, a classy handbag or diamond stud. These are some of what are referred to as classic investment pieces. Such pieces don’t just last you for a season, but many years and never go out of style.

Your classic watch should be clean yet very simple, and that which shows off your good taste and class. Look out for things like thin needle markers, neutral dial colors, slim profiles and essential functions of hours, minutes and seconds. Although this purchase might take longer to get, once you decide to buy it, you will love and enjoy the feeling of looking down at your wrist every time and seeing it shine.

Your Signature Piece

A signature piece is something defining your style and can easily express your personality. This piece is frequently worn, and you can even make it part of their everyday attire. Your chosen signature piece must have a significant value in your life. The piece can have an engraved quote that is special to you, personal photos of family or special friends, or an initial necklace. Very close to you and that people will start to identify your style.


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