Handmade silver charms and glass-paste beads “gipsy” necklace (N0094)


This colorful charm necklace was made from various glass-paste beads in different colors (but generally in blue scheme) and patterns, mixed with rough brown jade, tube-shape lapis lazuli beads and some in-between handmade silver beads.
The glass-paste beads are made with Millefiori technique (Italian for “thousand flowers”), an ancient glasswork technique which produces distinctive decorative patterns on glassware and can be traced back to Ancient Roman, Phoenician and Alexandrian times. It is made with handmade glass canes, each containing an individual pattern of various design and color, from star to round to flower shape (hence the name).

The five charms are handmade from 95% silver and take inspiration from various ethnical motifs – the small flower pattern is thus typical of the Karen hill tribe people; it is called “Podduang” pattern and is hand-stamped directly onto silver surface.
The moon-shape pendant is inspired by ancient Slavic moon amulet (also know as “lunula”). It is a crescent moon shaped pendant that was worn by girls already in ancient Roman culture, the tradition that was also adopted by the Slavic and Viking people. Girls ideally wore them as an protective amulet, but it also symbolized fertility and prosperity.

The moon amulet is about 2×2 cm, the round and diamond shape charms are about 1.5 cm.
Necklace is adjustable in length thanks to the silver chain attached to the closing hook, both chain and hook are made of sterling silver. A round silver pendant hand-stamped with our logo is added to the end of the chain.

This is a one-of-a-kind-piece, since it is impossible to always find same style glass-beads to compose the necklace, so no two pieces can look exactly the same. The mix of charms, pattern and colors, as well as motifs that come from different cultural backgrounds, make this a unique, playful, interesting piece of jewelry that won’t go unnoticed. It also looks very nice if combined with other bracelets or bangles, irregardless of style and material. (https://www.etsy.com/listing/496813582/handmade-silver-charms-and-glass-paste)