Foxtail necklace with handmade silver ring pendant – male and female version (N0118S)


There are two versions of this necklace, the bigger “male” and smaller “female” piece.
The male necklace consists in 2mm thick foxtail-style handmade silver necklace (50 cm long) and a 2cm handmade pendant ring that is created from square-profile silver wire where the surface is chiseled halfway around the band to create beautifully patterned surface. The female version consists in a smaller, 1mm foxtail chain (45 cm long) and smaller pendant ring (approx. 1 cm in diameter), with same surface pattern.

The style is simple, geometrical and easy to combine with other necklaces. In the same collection you can also find a bangle and a ring for both men and women.

Smaller Necklace: 45 cm length, 1 cm pendant diameter