Why People Belief Lapis Lazuli Bring Good Luck?

This name ‘lapis lazuli’ stands for ‘blue stone,’ but it is commonly known just as lapis. It’s derived from Latin word ‘lapis’ which means ‘stone’ and Persian lazhward which means ‘blue.’ Just in case you don’t know, lapis lazuli is a stone with beautiful celestial blue color. It also has gold flecks on the surface adding to its charm, thus making it very powerful and mystifying. Besides, there are also low-grade lapis which is usually lighter blue, also has white flecks in place of gold. They are known as denim lapis.

Properties of lapis lazuli and why it is believed to bring good luck

Lapis lazuli has existed for centuries now, and its quality and fame still has not lessened. Currently, lapis lazuli is being mined in Chile, USA, Afghanistan, and Italy.
If you get a stones or crystals store and you it hard to decide what to go for, you can always check on a meditation stone or a manifestation stone such as lapis lazuli. It does not only empower your thoughts, but it is also able to keep you safe from both physical and psychic attacks in both your professional or personal life.
Lapis lazuli is considered suitable for protection because it holds powerful protective energies, but can also be used as a manifestation stone since it can help make dreams a reality.

This stone enhances critical thinking and is perfect for writers, psychologists, journalists, and executives. It is a convenient tool for intellectual analysis, generating new ideas and solving problems.

Luck and wealth benefits of lapis lazuli

When you put on lapis lazuli to attract fortune and good luck, it stands for good luck, and anyone wearing this stone will be inspired by energies which can turn all negative energies and thought into positive and constructive ones. Lapis lazuli is a perfect stone for you if you are serious about getting wealthy, receiving in abundance, or enjoying your business success as well as career advancement.

Health and healing benefits of lapis lazuli

If you are looking to having a healthy body and mind, lapis lazuli is one great stone you cannot afford to miss. It gives you strength and stabilizes your mind to rise against challenges of work, career and even life as a whole.
Lapis lazuli gives you emotional virility, but not just that, because it can also improve your creativity and energize you to handle tasks of the day. It helps organize your day to day affairs, enhances your concentration, and makes a busy schedule and noisy mind calm in peace.

Love and relationship benefits of lapis lazuli

For love and relationships, this stone is the best friend of a woman. It brings forward energies of love and wisdom, and emotional remedial to the person wearing or keeping it close to their bodies. This stone says, ‘give me love’ and anything or anyone in your energy field will obey. With a lapis lazuli, you have assured of confidence, the poise, as well as courage to go for what you want.


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