How to Make Silver Bangle Bracelets?

Many people nowadays prefer silver bangle bracelets. It is a silver ornamental band worn around the wrist that is a perfect complement to any outfit. It enhances the look of both fancy and casual wear.

Silver bangle bracelets have become remarkable because of its broad bands and light, thin chains. Many people realize the importance of owning silver bangle bracelets that look classy all over. It is also a lovely gift for all occasions because of its various intricate designs and bright looks.

Silver bangle bracelets are a good harmony of any skin complexion. Whether your skin is fair, brown or dark, this silver bangle bracelet will always be in tune. It does not require any effort to put on your wrist; it just takes a second after sliding it, you are all set. Hence, making this bracelet is recently trending. It is a type of fashion that people enjoy.

I know that many of you want to learn how to make a silver bangle bracelet to be in the trend. For us to be able to start making, make sure to prepare the following materials:

  • Needle – nose pliers
  • Round – nose pliers
  • Flat – nose wire cutter
  • Sterling silver wire
  • 3D bracelet jig

When all these materials are ready, let us get started making our silver bangle bracelet.

Step 1: Cut the sterling silver wire to the length that you prefer. Its length depends upon your preference. Make sure that the silver cord will fit your wrist. Not too tight and also, not too loose.

Step 2: Take a note, along with the 3D bracelet; you get a set of pegs that help you make any desired shapes. You can create different designs like round, continuous and all-in-one bracelet in 3 dimensions.

Step 3: You cannot just use 3D bracelet jig for making bangles; you can also use it to make a curve components. So, to do it, just set the pegs and put the silver wire along the 3D bracelet jig. Turn a loop around every peg you have placed before and make sure that you let wires crossed next to each other before you go to new circles and after bringing it all the way around the jig. That’s how you create the design you want. Moreover, even if you do not like the shape you have made, you can always come back and fix that later – that is why you need pliers.  

Step 4: Once you’ve found a desirable shape for your bracelet, you can use beads and stones for decoration. It is a matter of taste and personal preference. You can also add gems to your style if you prefer to.

As apparently seen, it is effortless to make a silver bangle bracelet. It is simple and straightforward. However, it will fit just great if you cannot find an adequate decorative detail for your dress combination, or if you want to treat someone with a beautiful gift, this bracelet is the real deal.

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