Jewelry Design Trends 2018

Some jewelry trends from Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 you might be interested:

Tropical Design

The tropical jewelry design is in for this summer of 2018. The mix of colorful, florals, fruits or forests inspired jewelry pieces will brighten up your smile this summer.

Layering Design

Don’t stop having fun layering your outfit and jewelry. Try multiple layered necklaces that come on one piece or mix and match different necklaces of different lengths but with complimentary styles, materials, and colors such as silver and silver, silver and wood and silver and stone. Mix your old necklaces with new ones will definitely create some interesting looks for 2018.

Sculptures Design

The Sculptures Design jewelry comes with the desire to create is the vehicle by which we, as humans, extend our minds and souls beyond the limits of our physical selves. In 2018, you will see more and more Sculptures Design jewelry available on market from different artists.

Natural Pearls Design

Among all of the gemstones available in this world, the pearl is absolutely unique. This is due to the fact that it is the only one which is formed entirely within a living being. The natural pearls design jewelry will go to be a trend in 2018. Pearls evoke a sense of sophistication, style, and opulence.

Mix and Match Design

A big jewelry trend right now is to wear a lot of it.  It’s sort of an eclectic approach to accessorizing and, just like decorating a home in an eclectic manner, while the look can come off as random, there is actually a lot of thought that goes into getting it right and balanced.  This is what is going on with jewelry right now.  Between stacking bracelets, wearing multiple necklaces and statement pieces, be confident to find your own style.

Statement Pieces Design

Statement pieces of jewelry allow women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people. Statement jewelry is nothing new, but many women will avoid wearing bold accessories because they do not feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone but hey, it is the New Year, why not trying something new. You might fall in love with these statement pieces. Who knows!

Asymmetrical Design

People often think of symmetry as balanced and asymmetry as imbalanced, but this is incorrect. Both aspects, when used in a dynamic and skillful way can lead to balance and this is one of the keys to proper design. In 2018, people seem stump with coming up with an interesting asymmetrical design.



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