How To Wear Silver Bracelets?

Silver bracelets are available in different styles and shapes which makes it even hard to pick out the best one to wear. There are antique charm bracelets, blaring silver bangle bracelets and silver cuffs among other fantastic jewelry. Everyone out there has their suitable style. Regardless of the style, you want to wear, look at these universal tips on how to wear the silver bracelet and help you make the most of your bracelet collection.

What color and style to pair with your silver bracelet

When you wear the right choice of dress, your bracelet will shine. Most of the short sleeved outfits look eccentric when adorned with bracelets. In fact, for individuals who love to wear shirts with slightly short sleeves, the best way to fill that gap created by the short sleeve is adding a bracelet to fill in the gap and look even more stylish.


Naturally, bright and calmer blend well with silver bracelets. For a monochromatic look, pair the silver bracelet with your favorite blue top, or you can add a little sparkle to the all-black outfit. Those who like wearing stylish neon colors, try out pairing that with a silver bracelet.

The style of your bracelet depends on its overall feel. A sculptural silver cuff matches well with a contemporary, minimal look, whereas a heap of wristlets gives a positive boho feel and blends well with a pair of long skirts as well as blouses.

Accessories to add to a silver bracelet

Accessories such as hats, scarves among others look great especially when put on with silver bracelets. Nevertheless, there are precautions to look at. Anytime you’re wearing a silver bracelet or jewelry, avoid bags with gold hardware since these two will look incompatible no matter how hard you try to blend them.

Also, you might want to recheck the scarf you are wearing when it comes to pairing with a silver charm bracelet. These charms may alter your items that are loosely-woven, and they can make holes in the silk.

The metal mismatch

Even though mixing metals has trended for a while now, the traditional wisdom says it is best to wear jewelry of the same color, for instance, either gold or silver. If you must wear another metal with your silver bracelet, then it should be in the same color.

However, if you want to put on silver and gold at the same time, find an item which integrates both of them. Otherwise, pair the silver bracelet you have with all-silver earrings, necklaces, or rings. Be keen about this as your wedding band could be gold. This doesn’t mean wearing off the silver bracelet, just so that it looks planned.