Earring Style Guide by Face Shape

Earring Style Guide by Face Shape

How to identify your face shape?

There are six shapes of an individual’s face ranging from oval, round, narrow or long face, square face heart face along with the diamond face. Before you decide on the kind of earring to put on, it is to identify which face shade you own. To determine this then draw back your hair and have a look at your side face shape. Does your watch broaden at your ears? If this is applicable, then you have merely four face shapes to identify which one you own. These include but not limited to oval, round, heart and diamond outlines. These are further singled out until you determine your face shape.

Does your face side extend on a level surface? If this is the case then, only one face shape does this, and that is long or narrow shape face. Another evaluating factor on your face is the possession of different points on the chin and the only face shapes with this characteristics includes but not limited to long or narrow face shape, heart face shape as well as oval face shapes.

The characteristics of your lower jaw can also help distinguish which face shape your own. The possession of downy extending line with no apparent chin point can only be a feature possessed by either square or round faces.

The other way which has proven useful in determining your face shape is photo taking while your hair is positioned up. In a close examination of the photo, you will be in a position to determine your face shape.

Its butter up putting on the right earring shape and in most cases, it helps to accentuate your excellent features thus catches concentration away from your lower rated peers. Changing your look is possible with identifying the right silver earring. For instance conversion of full faces to slimmer ones is possible with identifying the right earring for your face.

Guide to identifying the best earring for every face shape

Oval shaped face

Over the years it has been proven beyond any further doubt that the best earring for this kind of face is the long, droop, plunge or else chandelier earrings. However, these must be made skinny at the top but broader as they dig up longer.

Long-Narrow Shaped face

The advice for people owning this kind of face is to put on short plummets or jewels. The science behind this is to provide the illusion of broader face thus draw attention to your eyes. It should be noted that proper matching of eye color with the earrings should consider.

Round shaped face

Long, droop, plunge or else chandelier earrings are good with this shape of the face. Individuals having this shape of the face should not try putting on disc earrings since this escalates the plumpness of the face.

Heart-shape face

Long, droop, plunge or else chandelier earrings terminating on or over the chin best suits this shape of the face. The art behind this is to accentuate and broaden the mouth area.

Diamond-shaped face

Long and stylish plummets are soothingly falling best suits this type of face. The art behind this is to ensure filling of the area approximately at the inferior jaw along with drawing concentration to the mouth.

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