Creative Ways to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Most of us would simply store necklaces in small jewelry boxes, where they tend to get all tangled up and it’s always a hassle to untangle them. This article will help you to store necklaces creatively using common things in the house.

Plastic Straws

Gather clear plastic straws and cut them in the half. Place unclasped necklaces inside the straw, making sure both its ends are visible so you can still have them clasped. Once they are fastened, you can then place these necklace-filled straws in a drawer.

Clear drinking straws

Who would have thought that drinking straws’ usefulness is not just limited to drinking purposes? Yes, they can also be used in keeping your necklaces in place and untangled when you are packing for a trip or when you want to store them in a drawer. Simply place each end of the necklace through 2 different straws and then clasp the ending of the necklace (make sure the straw is a bit shorter than half length of the necklace so that you can clasp it). Then place all necklaces in a zip-locked plastic bag. For longer necklaces, you can use two or more straws, while you can cut them in half for shorter ones.

Old business cards

You can simply have two small cuts in your old business cards and secure the necklace on it, just like how it looked like the first time you bought it. Aside from business cards, you can also use index cards or playing cards. This method will help your necklaces be wrapped around the thick card tightly and securely.

Toilet Paper Cardboard

Loop your necklaces into cardboards of empty toilet paper rolls. This tip is very useful especially for thicker necklaces that you may have a hard time packing/ storing using other methods above. Just have each necklace unclasped and put it through the cardboard. Once set, you can clasp them to secure its place, and you can even add more necklaces in one roll.

Key holders

Get rid of that messy dump where you usually put your necklaces. Have a key holder in your dresser and simply hang necklaces on them like how you put keys on each hook. Not only will it give you more space for other things and other jewelry on your jewelry box, seeing all these necklaces hanging on your wall will enable you to quickly pick the necklace that matches your outfit.

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