A Modern Guide to Proposal Etiquette

Have you bought the engagement ring and the only anxiety is about planning a perfect proposal? Well, with the emergence of viral videos on proposal etiquette and weddings, it is for sure you do not want just to give your girl anything. It is essential to keep all your focus on your lady so that the event turn out a successful one. While you continue planning your special moment, this is a modern guide to proposal etiquette you should consider before, during and after you ask the question.

Stay in good graces

Traditionally, the best way to request her hand in marriage from the parents is after you have proposed to her. It’s highly suggested that you inform both parents of your intentions, both yours and her parents to create a perfect basis of consideration and respect for both mergings of the two families. Since you are prepared to get engaged, it is highly possible that you have discussed all the plans with your girl. This way, any surprise plan you have will be safe. All the same, ask for the discretion of the parents.

Stay offline for a while

Have you opted to go privately about your proposal? It is obvious you will want to share the information about the engagement with your friends after you are done with the celebration with your fiancé. Some men arrange for a surprise engagement at a particular undisclosed place with a few friends and family members. If this is not the case, try to avoid putting any information to do with your engagement on the internet, social media unless you have had the time to hook up with people who are close to you through texts or phone call.

Remain focused on her all through

Even though many people try to make things elaborate by involving so many others when proposing, what you shouldn’t forget is that only you and your lady are perfect to offer a good one. Remember you will have the rest of your lives together and share your proposal story over and over, but to relieve any anxieties just know most brides prefer an intimate proposal unless she has expressed a different opinion.

Whether private or public, after you have expressed the reasons for wanting to marry her, get on your knee then pronounce the four magical words, “Will You Marry Me?” By this time you must have arranged for a photographer or a videographer to capture the moment. If you are working on a restricted budget, then go for a discreet who can produce quality work.

Show her the love

The males of nowadays tend to get shy when it comes to expressing emotions. To most men, they think being a man is about being an emotionless guy who cannot express his feelings fearing being called a wimp. Well, I think we’re in the 21st century, and things are done how they are supposed to be done. People have evolved and did not have to hide behind a steel façade.

Good luck on your proposal, ensure you have the best ring and do not rush things and end up missing. Think, plan and make everything happen.